Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back 2 Natural: "Wishing You Home" Official Music video

It's been a while since I've posted a Back 2 Natural music video; however, this week you're all in for a real treat! While browsing through my YouTube subscriptions I came across natural Bronzeqt YouTube channel, and to my surprise she had recently posted a music video. I was in complete shock when I viewed the video and saw that she was the artist singing! Upon further investigation, I stumbled upon safisings her second YouTube channel dedicated specifically to her music. Her voice is beautiful! What is even more amazing is that this song is available on iTunes for 0.99 cents and all proceeds go to support our troops!

I could relate personally to the treatment in this video, being someone who is married to an active duty member, and spent Christmas alone one year while he served our country in Iraq. 

Click here to purchase on itunes
   Click here to purchase on amazon


  1. See I dont want to cry, but I was almost there... I know there is a great chance that me and the munchkins will home alone during some type of holiday. Seeing how that comes with the military territory..but ugh she makes me feel like I'm already going through it. Great post, la la. :)

  2. MrsW, I know right! *tears* Watching it brought back so many emotions for me! The sacrifice of time spent away from their loved ones is a great price we all pay. Your hubby is in the Military too?


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