Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style Change

Since going natural, has your fashion sense changed?  Do you find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing daring ensembles? Have you stepped up your accessories game? Is make up a bit more enticing? Or has everything remained the same as far as your style goes?

My style has changed a little. I wear more color in my wardrobe than I used to, but I've always loved accessorizing with jewelry especially big earrings. I never wore a lot of makeup, so as far as that goes I only jazz things up when I’m going out. My everyday look consists of concealer, a little powder, mascara, neutral eye, lipstick or gloss and that's it. I think anytime you make a change to your hair it may inspire you to wear something to compliment it.

Today’s outfit is for Ashley :)
tank dress from target thrifted brown and gold belt bandilino blazer not pictured: diba slouch boots

What are your thoughts?


  1. I love the pictures. And I do feel like I have come into my own sense of style. Since going natural. I feel like I'm finally put together. My straight hair tended to be more prissy, now I can let loose and so so much more than a wrap.

  2. Afternoon, MrsWardy! I feel the same way....I love being able to free with my style of choice. Straight hair does make you feel prissy. lol


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