Saturday, October 8, 2011

Personal Investment: Natural Hair and Beauty


I have saved a ton of money since going natural; however, in my first year following my big chop I bought hair care products in abundance. I’ll admit I became a product junkie, but there was a method to my madness. I was in search of a quality hair care products that complemented my hair perfectly, and provided my natural locks with bounce and body. My persistence certainly has paid off, and has saved me money in the process!


Since going natural, my Saturdays are no longer spent in a salon waiting all day to get my hair done. I don't have to deal with a scissor happy Stylist, and the anxiety of unforeseen charges. The transition has worked out great!

Another way I save money is by doing my own waxing at home. I'm not an Esthetician, but I've taught myself how to wax. Man I did some crazy things to my eyebrows while growing up. I would shave them down so thin just to have to turn around and fill them in. Finally one day I just decided to stop butchering them and grow them back in.

When they grew in completely, I decided to go and get them waxed professionally. I went to several Estheticians and with each visit to a different shop came more disappointment. Instead of cleaning along my natural brow line, they'd reshape them very thin. I thought to myself, how could these trained professionals mess my eyebrows up so bad? I guess thick eyebrows were not the style. This is what prompted me to start waxing my own eyebrows. I learned through trail and error. I have been doing them ever since.

My Space Saver Wax Machine

You can purchase a wax machine for as little as $25.00 at your local Beauty Store. They have everything you need to get started from the wax, wax strips, wax remover, after care lotions, etc. I'm not sure how much waxing cost today, but I could remember paying between 8 to 15 dollars depending on where I went. I also do my own pedicures and manicures at home, but occasionally treat myself to a spa pedicure.

What are some ways you've saved money when it comes to beauty?

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