Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Repost: My favorite oils for natural hair

(my hair after using jojoba and castor oil)
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My favorite oils at the moment are castor oil and jojoba oil. My hair thrives off these oils, and when used in combination with my leave in conditioner. I've experimented with several oils such as sweet almond, grape seed, coconut, extra virgin olive and many others. They're all great oils and provide different benefits for your hair, skin, and body.  Natural hair thrives off moisture and with use of essential oils, moisture is locked in.

True Story: I have fond memories of castor oil as a child. I remember every year before winter having to take what seemed like a cupful(teaspoon)by mouth chased with orange juice. It tasted horrible! *castor oil was given to children in the winter to cleanse the system and reduce sickness. I remembered how thick it was going down my throat. You had better not thrown it up, because that meant another spoonful. I used to think how could any parent do this to their child? I promised myself, I'd never give my kids castor oil.

Jojoba Oil Benefits
Jojoba Oil

  • moisturizes the scalp - when massaged directly into the scalp
  • non-greasy, colorless, odorless - absorbs easily
  • antibacterial - can be used in treating cuts, scraps, sores and bruises

Click here for more information on benefits of using Jojoba oil.

Castor Oil Benefits
Castor oil is derived from the Castor bean

  • great for moisturizing the hair - a little goes a long was as castor oil is very thick
  • can be added to your favorite conditioner for deep conditioning treatments
  • acne treatment (InterestingI may explore this and get back to you all on my results)

Click here for more information about Castor oil and its many benefits.


  1. YESSSS castor is the stuff!!! I love it. What do u think about coconut oil? I think it makes my hair dry.

    I really love ur blog, very organized and u talk about everything hair, God and FOOD!! So i just had to follow u :)

    Kami from
    take care xoxo

    1. Hey BWBF! I like coconut oil as well. I used to use it a lot when my hair was shorter. When I finally ran out I just never replaced it. Thank you for the support! I'll make sure to check out your blog! :)

  2. Hello dear! We share the same feelings... I just started using castor oil and immediately saw a difference in my hair the next morning! I use jojoba too, but now I am almost strictly castor oil. I used coconut in the past, but I could not "see" the positive effects of its. Plus, I got tired of heating it. Lol! Do you put a little caator oil in your hand, then spread it throughout your whole head or use a little as you are twisting/styling your hair? Great blog post! I am about to post about this creme I got at a conference that changed the way I style dry hair! ;)

  3. Hey dear! Did you see my post about this? I linked your post... ;)

    1. Going to check it out! Thank you! :)


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