Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion & Style: The Levi's Curve I.D. System

Have a problem finding jeans that fit? If you're like me and you have curves, trying on jeans can be a daunting event. I often wonder if jean companies think one size fits all. I love a nice pair of jeans from skinny, boot-cut, straight, wide-leg, etc. I wear jeans all year round! I recently read a post on a blog I frequent, Adore Daily about Levi's developing a break though technology called The Levi's Curve I. D. System. They're promising that any woman with fit issues will have to look no further to find the perfect custom fit jean. Below Jessie, from  Adore Daily gives us a peak into her experience at the Levi Store. 

Here in Kansas they have a Levi's Outlet and a Levi's Factory. I think I will go test these jeans out. Do any of you ladies have a favorite jean brand that offers superior fit? Please share!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to her. I will be skipping on over there.


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