Monday, October 17, 2011

Counting my blessings

Fall is here and it has me in the cleaning mood! I've been going through my children's clothes, toys, books, etc and setting aside items that are in good condition to be donated. I normally give the clothes to the free donation bins they have set up all around town. During my cleaning frenzy, I noticed that I needed to get rid of an extra TV, bed, and some other small pieces of furniture. The beds are in perfectly good condition and so I thought about selling them. I just didn't want to go through the hassle of putting an ad out to get them sold. I couldn't in good conscience just throw them away. All week I went back and forth on what I should do. 

Then on Friday morning I went to go check the mailbox and there lay my answer. I received a post card from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. 

"For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has operated under the belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life. As the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”), ages 6 through 18, in communities across the country. We develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people."

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization are looking for donations and will be in my neighborhood this Friday for pick ups. I immediately thanked God for my answer! I was thrilled to be in position to bless someone in need as God has blessed me. I like to find local shelters and donation bins that give the clothes away for free to those in need. I feel good that I'm able to give back in this way. It's hard as a parent to get your children to understand how blessed they are by just telling them. One way I get my children involved is by letting them go and find gently used things they no longer need or play with to give to those less fortunate. My oldest son has such a compassionate heart at such a young age and was thrilled to be helping out.

I know many may feel as though they can't help out because they don't have the money to donate, but there are so many other ways you can contribute to your community that won't cost you a thing.

Click here to find the nearest Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can also google local shelters and donation centers that are in your area. Goodwill and Salvation Army are always looking for donations.


  1. I wish we had a place like that to donate, I took mine to a couple of thrift store..

  2. I noticed they were not set up everywhere in the United States. Thrift stores are a great place as well.


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