Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty DIY: Fading Scars Faster

It's Andrea's Choice again giving us tips on how to achieve beautiful healthy looking skin at home. I love DIY videos of any sort. In an economy where simple things can be overly priced, I love finding ways to cut cost. Enjoy!

My two favorite products for fading scars are Nadinola and 100% pure Cocoa Butter. Nadinola is an over the counter skin fade cream with the highest percentage of Hydroquinone in it. Most fade creams usually only contain 2% Hydroquinone, but Nadinola contains 3%. You're guaranteed to see results with in just a few uses. I have dark skin and I tend to bruise easily, so for me this is the best fade cream you can buy without needing a prescription. Always be sure to follow directions on how to use the product. You can find both products at your local beauty supply, online, whole foods store, drug store, etc.

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