Thursday, September 29, 2011

Snacks on the go

I try to always have some sort of non-perishable snack in my purse. Especially when I'm running errands and may not have time to go home to eat. It definitely helps when you're out and may be tempted to run through a fast food drive-thru. If I know I'm going to be gone for a couple of hours then I'll slice up some fresh fruit like I did here. Fruits such as red grapes, apples, and kiwi give you an immediate natural boost of energy. 

Oh and don't forget your water. I use a spill proof camelbak water bottle that can be found at your local Target or Wal-Mart. I love these water bottles so much that I bought one for my children and husband. They are great for use at the gym because you can sip on it in the upright position. They come in ounces/liters. The one pictured above is 24oz/240ml.

I found a great site with a list of 50 healthy snacks to eat here. What are some of your favorite snacks?

*Tip* - 100 calorie Ziploc bags make for perfect portion control


  1. My husband boast about that darn camel back, and barley drinks out of it... But dont anyone else put thier lips on it. SMH.. I keep snack for the kids. Never thought about myself. Thanks for the tip. I go grocery shopping tomorrow. :) *headedovertothelink*

  2. MrsWardy, LOL@ your hubby! The camelbaks are great because you can sip on them all day. I know it's hard for most to get their water in everyday, thats why I find the camelbak to be helpful because I can take it everywhere I go. I just refill 3x or more daily. Oh and yes, we must not neglect ourselves with snacks. LOL! I like to have one mid morning and afternoon when my energy seems to start going down. Helps me to not overeat at lunch and dinner too! Let me know what you think of that site. :)

  3. I really liked it. They give you ideas, and recipes.


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