Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nike Factory: Mini Haul

My Gym Gear

I was in need of some new gym shoes and decided to hit up one of my favorite stores the Nike Factory. They happen to be having a sale on all clearance items so I decided to pick up some Dri-Fit workout pants and a few shirts. They didn't have the shoes I was looking for so I went over to finish line to get them. All in all I made out pretty good.

Nike Air Max 2011

I love the Nike Air Max! They're so comfortable! It feels like you're walking on air in them. I have been buying them for years now. I get about a good 6 to 8 months out of them. It's always good to replace your running shoes about every six months due to normal wear and tear. It's a must for me, because I train very hard in mine.

Up close details (click to enlarge)

Both pairs had a pocket on the back. The grey pair were capris with a breathable mesh part on the back lower side. The black pair were long and had a cute little zipper going down the side. I just wash them in the delicate cycle on cool water and air dry them to maintain longevity. I have a pair in black, in the capri-style that I bought 6 months ago and they're still holding up very well. They have no tears, color fading, or stretched out material.

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