Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let it Shine


Go with your gut make your decisions carefully, but do not allow doubt to cramp your style. Doubt is a negative ally of the enemy that’s why it’s so attracted to positive beings. Don’t you find it interesting that when you share one of your ideas, a doubter works equally as hard to instill fear in your ambition? Or mocks your idea with statistics that seek to prove your plan will never work. Don’t feel bad doubters work 40 hours a week plus overtime, and the sad part is they volunteer to do their dirty work for free.

In fact, in order to be certified in doubt you have to carry around a wrench to throw into everyone else’s plans.  It’s sad but true, they’re out there seeking out the positive only to confront it with a negative; however, there is hope.  Doubters cannot survive without an audience, the worst mistake you can make is lending them your ear for even a second.  Time is precious and needs careful handling; do not waste your time or your breath with a doubter.  Instead leave them in doubt about their ability to plant doubt in your spirit.

In conclusion, to defeat doubt stand firm on your convictions, because the sky has two sides to its view; either you’re searching to discover what’s beyond, or you’re waiting for it to fall.  I bet you can figure out which category of thought a doubter falls in to.  Remember, thou shall not kill is not only a commandment for the physical act of murder, but it also includes the slaying of one’s ideas, beliefs, morals, principles, and character. Choose your words wisely, because they can take a life!

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