Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why I like the Weight Watchers Plan

I enjoy Weight Watchers Online because it's convenient.  The plan does not call for counting calories, buying weight watchers food, or attending meetings. They offer a free app for your phone so that you’re able to utilize your plan on the go. It has been great because, I’ve been able to incorporate the plan into my lifestyle. I still can eat any food I want, but in smaller portions.

When you sign up, you’re asked a series of questions to include your height, weight, and level of activity. From there you are given a daily target of points that you will need to meet. Simply log in each day to complete your food journal entries, which is automatically calculated into points. This feature helped me to start identifying smarter food choices, because foods containing high volumes of fat were higher in points. You’re also given a weekly allowance of points to utilize at your disposal. It's like having overdraft protection, but instead of protecting your bank account; it’s protecting your calorie account. If you go over your daily target points then it will pull from your weekly allowance. When you work out, you gain points; you can also use those points any way you like. Or, not use them at all! I would definitely recommend attempting to meet your daily target points. The extra points are nice to have if you are going out to eat, where your choices are high in calories.

Doing all these things will result in immediate weight loss. As I said before in my earlier post, I re-joined on July 31st for the 3 month special that they are advertising. I plan on documenting my Weight Loss Journey here so stay tuned! Weigh in day is Monday, August 8th!!!! Yay!

2007 at 181lbs

Here I am, at my heaviest back in 2007, and after the weight loss in 2008.  I was able to keep the weight off for about 3 and ½ years.  From June 2010 to now (August 2011) I have gradually put back on 15 of the 38lbs I lost, so I’m back at it again.

2008 at 140lbs (my goal weight)

My testimony just goes to show you that although one can lose weight, the hard part comes after in trying to keep it off. I'm determined!

For more information about how to join and how the plan works click here.

Feel free to share your weight loss journeys here on DigitalCurls BlogSpot.


  1. Wow!! You look great! I actually have the opposite issue... I am 5"10 and 110 lbs. LOL... I am always eating high calories foods so I can gain. I want a butt... bad. :)

  2. Thank you! I don't have a whole lot going on back there, but I guess it's enough to feel jeans. Squats and lunges will enhance what you have by giving it a lift. lol


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