Monday, August 1, 2011

Weight Watchers Plan

Healthy Eating App

This is a brief introduction into my Weight Loss Successes and Failures. I hope to be able to help others as I continue my journey with weight loss and healthy living.

I never really had a weight problem until after having kids. After the birth of my last son in 2006, I had put on 38 pounds. My weight prior to pregnancy was about 143lbs. I knew that I had gained weight, but it wasn't until I saw a picture of myself that it really hit me. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to get that heavy(for my standards). I started dieting and working out immediately. I tried at the time the Atkins Diet, The Starving Myself Diet, and many others. (FAIL) I lost about 10lbs during all of this and that was it. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I couldn't lose anymore weight. I went and got blood work done to make sure their was nothing physically wrong with me.

Fast Forward to 2007 where a dear friend of mines encouraged me to join Weight Watchers online. What did I have to lose after all, I had tried so many diets in the past? My friend was a walking testimony that the plan worked. I started the plan a week before my birthday and was down 30lbs in 4 months. I lost about another 8lbs with in months after that. I couldn't believe it! Really at that point I knew it was going to be a lifestyle change if I wanted to keep it off. I learned so many things that I was oblivious about like calories, serving sizes, and ingredients. I kept the weight off for about 3 1/2 years and eventually I dropped the program. Now as of August 1st, my weight is back up 15lbs. I decided to give Weight Watchers another go around not because I don't know how to lose weight, but because I needed that motivation it gave me several years ago. It also makes me hold myself accountable.

I will talk more about my experience with Weight Watchers in future post so stay tuned! :)

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