Friday, August 5, 2011

Talents Role Down Hill

How would I describe Lauryn Hill: intelligent, sultry, beautiful, vivacious, creative, natural, and gifted. She was born to touch the lives of millions, created as a voice of a generation. She possessed numerous talents, and talent doesn’t happen by chance, God gives talents. When one has a voice and an audience, the only way to lose the power of their voice is not to speak. When one has God given talents the only way to lose their talents is to hide them. 


Interestingly enough, Lauryn Hill lost her talents and her voice. That’s not to say she cannot sing, rap, write, or create beautiful music. What it means, is while the world was miseducated about Lauryn Hill, Lauryn Hill was miseducated about her place in the world. She for personal reasons known only to a select few, decided to silence her voice and hide her talents. Saddened as I write, because I love what Lauryn Hill brought to light. I loved what Lauryn Hill created for the world to see; a young beautiful natural black woman, with gifts the Grinch couldn’t steal from Christmas.


Her effect on society was vast and crossed racial and ethnic barriers, but in a blink on an eye she was gone. And with her went the voice of a generation; a voice that would allow young black women to be proud to wear their hair natural, proud to show class, proud to speak with intelligence, and proud to stand up with courage demanding to be respected.  It would mean a generation of black males would learn how to respect their black women, respect themselves enough to fulfill their obligations, and respect their women enough to want to reach higher and work harder.


In a sense she meant more to the world than even she may have recognized, and in a way we needed her more than we recognized. Not for her music, but for her talents to effect change with her voice through her music, her presence, her appeal, her passion, and most importantly her love. It’s been a long while since she left, and a lost generation has been anxiously waiting on her return. You can see her reflection in the mirrors of faces of a lost generation. Wherever she may be she’s not forgotten, but a lost generation feels slighted by an opportunity missed.


  1. Beautiful post! I totally agree.... Hoping she'll eventually come back strong...

  2. Thank you and lets hope she does! :)


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