Monday, August 15, 2011

Support is Vital

Support is vital to success, and no one is successful without help. Regardless of the circumstances which surround a decision, we ask the person we value most for their opinion. It's usually in an effort to gauge their level of support.

My husband was my biggest supporter through my transition to natural hair. Without his unwavering support, it may have prolonged or cancelled my decision all together. Not to say I rely on him to make decisions, but I hold his opinion in high regard.

The Husband and I

We all want and need support; especially from those we love most, someone to be that bridge over troubled water, and/or the pillar supporting that bridge. Life is too short not to offer a kind gesture, a shoulder to lean on, or an attentive ear.

Actions speak volumes while words are heard in private. Let your action be a reflection of your support rather than your words implicating common courtesy. Lift up your sister, pick up your brother, and continue to support them.

What are your thoughts?


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