Friday, August 12, 2011

Stop & Stare

What did my "do" ever do to you? The stares I get when entering in any establishment, makes me feel like asking the above stated question.  It’s a difficult challenge to remain natural, and attempt to fit into societies acceptance. They don’t always except different, even though different is actually beautiful. They find it hard to look away, act as if they disapprove, but are rather intrigued by what they see.

Disapproving or not, I’ll continue to set trends and innovate the imagination. In your face to ordinary, look out world here comes extraordinary! I’m meant to be me, and if being me means having to answer questions never asked, I’m okay with that. So please stop and stare just remember, my natural hair isn’t going anywhere! “If God made it, then it’s natural”


  1. How lucky I am 2 have a women like you! Let' em stare, as long as they know I'm not willing 2 share!

  2. Yes! I like the attention... lol. Stare at me world, I'm cute!! LoL! :)

  3. I know that's right!!!!! @Quisha

  4. Thank you babe, I'm just as blessed to have you!


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