Monday, October 21, 2013

Morale Booster

Here are 5 ways I keep myself motivated to continue a fit and healthy lifestyle:
  1. Visualize Results. I envision how I’ll look once all the weight is gone. It's not an unrealistic visual; I look at old pictures of when I first lost weight and draw motivation from past success.
  2. Keep a Journal. Journaling is a great stress reliever! You can journal about anything you like. I typically journal about my fitness journey, and by doing so, I'm able to track where I've been in order to plan where I need to go. 
  3. Try Something New. I love trying new exercises, equipment, videos, etc to keep my workouts fun and interesting. There are a plethora of exercise classes, videos, and games, to keep your workout routines fresh and invigorating. Mix it up!
  4. Reward Yourself. If you lost a ½ of a pound, it's cause for celebration! You can treat yourself to a pedicure, a new pair of shoes, or simply giving yourself a pat on the back. Listen, it takes a lot of work to even drop 1 lb, so on occasion take time to celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Let Your Family Inspire You. When I'm doing training at home my kid's love to join in. Seeing Mom working out and Dad going to the gym intrigues them enough to want be a part of the action. We make exercising and eating healthy a family affair.  My husband pushes me when I feel like throwing in the towel, and my kid's get on me if I haven't done my workout for the day. I push myself knowing heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure run in my family. So taking care of myself is definitely not an option! 

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