Monday, August 29, 2011

Michael Jackson Invented SWAG

Michael Jackson

In commemoration of what would’ve been his 53rd birthday, I wanted to give special appreciation for the most influential artist in history, Michael Joseph Jackson. Music is often a blur with artists emerging only to fade into existence; however, Michael’s legacy is on display even in today’s hottest artist. One thing cannot be denied Michael Jackson invented SWAG!

Michael Jackson - billie-jean photo
Billie Jean Swag

From the way he moved, to his signature sound, Michael had a knack for the profound! His confidence exuded his inner essence to the point he new without uttering a vocal he was the best that did, does, and would ever do it.  One video that displayed his bravado emphatically was Billie Jean. For all those emcees that believed they invented SWAG, know one popped his collar better than MJ. See minute 2:04 of Billie Jean if you think I’m lying. 

Michael Jackson shoot with Ebony Magazine

Michael not only invented SWAG, but he embodied it. The confidence and flare he possessed in his music, artistry, clothes, dance steps, and performances screamed innovation!  He took musical style and fashion to levels unseen or unheard to this day. There’s only one Michael Jackson, and he cannot be duplicated, mimicked, or recreated. Now that’s SWAG!


  1. Yes, he did!! I 1,000 times agree! Fantastic post!! :) (He is and always will be my favorite artist, lol)


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