Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Repost: Is She Worth it?

Women have the most important job in the history of mankind; giving birth to life.  Whether boy or girl it’s a blessing from God! The last time I checked the whole idea of self-preservation rests upon procreation. With a duty this important careful handling of packaging is vital.  What I mean by careful handling is the process of conceiving, the hardship of labor, and finally the beauty of birth; however, there’s a hidden aspect of this process that often gets overlooked. The handling of the one giving birth, the mother!

Where would we be if not for a women’s womb? Why do we as men care for our mother’s so deeply, yet treat the mother(s) of our children with such distain and disrespect? The difference in treatment is vast and far between. A lot of men actually treat their friends better than their wives or mother(s) of their children. How soon we forget that a woman gave us life, gave us strength, and nourished our frail existence!

Brother and sister, portrait (1557R-0858 / ks100167 © Exactostock)

Little do we know, how we treat our women is how our sons perceive women should be treated, and in turn how our daughters perceive how they should allow a man to treat them. Unfortunately we’re creatures of habit, what we see in our environment is reflected in our behavior. Boys grow up to be men, girls grow up to be women, which at some point will conceive to start the whole process over. A wise man once said:

“Fathers, be good to your daughters
 Daughters will love like you do
 Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
 So mothers, be good to your daughters too”

John Mayer

The moral of the story is not to treat women like your father treated your mother, but treat them better than you want your daughter to be treated. For one faithful day you’ll have to give your daughter away, to a man that may treat her worse than you treated her mother.  Just a thought! “If God created it, then it’s natural”

Written by Steve


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