Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspirational Insight

Hold my hand LORD hold my hand. Guide me through my transformation, so I can be renewed, restored, and made whole. Don't let go through my journey I need to always feel your presence, your touch, and your spirit flowing through me? I need your muscles for strength, your lungs for endurance, your heart for forgiveness, and your faith for protection. Honor me with these for I stand to face a grave challenge, and need the comfort of my LORD.

Today was unfulfilling due to my absence from the body, and shame on me for allowing weakness to take precedence over growth. I learned the value of an excuse is inexcusable! Forgive me LORD, take pity on the pitiful, and lead my spirit to where it belongs. I yearn for acceptance and yet my heart and mind are pre-occupied. Oh why do I worry, and let my mind toss back and forth like waves in the ocean. Set me free from what's holding me back. Set me free from myself, and allow only your will be at work. Thank you for you’re understanding and showing me the way to right what's wrong.

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