Monday, August 8, 2011

Fitness Inspiration: 74 Year Old Body Builder

I was in complete awe, when I read this story on Ernestine Shepherd. She's an inspiration to all women of any age, race, or background. She works as a certified personal trainer, volunteers at Baltimore's Union Methodist Church, and is a motivational speaker all over the country. She’s up at 3 am in the morning spending her days running, lifting weights and working out. Did I mention she is 74 years old! One would say she obviously has good genetics, but genetics alone will not get you this body. Off to go do my workout! ;-)
For more on her story click here


  1. WOW! to have her body.
    LOL I wont walk any more, ha last summer I was walking ,well son and I, and we seen some guy crawl yep crawl into my truck .
    OH I was mad, I went up yelling in spanish lol opened the trunk and drug his drunk butt out . then went home, Called DH ,and he went up to where i told the man to stay ,and called the police LOL Girl you had to be there bahahahaha


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