Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fantasy Football Worked for Me!


Relationships are always a work in progress, and progress can be a slow process; however, finding ways to relate to your mate help unite awkward points of division.  One fantastic way to involve yourself in your man’s life is through sports. I know ladies, but here me out on this one.

I’m not referring to physically playing sports, but more geared towards fantasy sports. Last year I played Fantasy Football with my husband, and surprisingly it was fun, entertaining, competitive, and easier than I anticipated. You can sign-up through a variety of search engines to include: Yahoo, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Most of these are cost effective, because they’re free to sign-up for as well!


Playing together he was able to teach me a lot about football, and in the process we grew closer.  Not to mention, it made it easier for me to watch the games seeing how I had a valued interest riding on the performance of specific players. I ended up losing our leagues championship game, but it was still an exciting time! If you don’t believe me, ask your man does he play fantasy football, and tell him you’d like to sign-up. Then wait to see the expression and/or reaction on his face. Priceless!

Getting over my initial fear of thinking outside the box, allowed me inside his mind and helped open up lines of communication. It also opened him up to take an interest in activities that I love, such as natural hair, blogging, and date nights! Listen, after 10 years of marriage you must be creative when it comes to spending time together.  The point I’m trying to make is open yourself up to new ideas, and you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts. Fantasy Football worked for me, it might work for you as well.

What are some things you do to connect with your mate?

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