Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AB Inspiration: Alicia Marie

Alicia Marie

I've had 2 kids and lets just say my stomach is not as flat and defined as it used to be. How I would love to have some definition in my abs! My goal is just to keep my stomach flat as possible, if my abs become defined in the process, I'll accept it graciously! I know to get this type of body; one must be very motivated and disciplined. I'm a firm believer that anyone can achieve it if they put in the work that is required. 

One of my favorite Adnominal exercises for toning and tightening the muscles are planks! No, not the planking that has become a US craze, where people lay horizontal on random objects! Check the video below for more details. Enjoy!

Start out doing 4 sets/repetitions, holding for 10 seconds and working your way up to 1 minute or more. 

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